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Face to face relation.

In Core Premier Properties our commitment is to personalize the real estate services from start to finish.

Our many years of experience in the real estate business have taught that the process of search, negotiation and processing, from the individual client to the investor, all need and appreciate good service a professional team and a personal approach. A truly professional real estate agency and that is our focus.

The confidence of being able to engage with professionals with whom you can talk face to face and the get the right answers to all questions and needs that arise throughout the process, is one of the things our customers value most.

We are Core Premier Properties and encourage you to keep reading to get to know us a little better.


Our service is focused in marketing real estate assets, residential, offices and retail units, for sale or rent.

We are also specialized in buildings for residential uses, offices and hotels.

We work with hotel operators both national and abroad in their search and selection of new locations, land to develop or existing buildings that can be able to became a fantastic hotel locations. We help them finding apartment buildings or existing hotels needing new operators to be carried on, and we are always in contact to investors considering the opportunities of new acquisitions. We help them selecting the products more suitable for their particular needs.

We also offer a effective service of real estate asset management, a apartment, retail unit or a whole building. We represent our clients in the relations with the tenants, and in everything concerning the maintenance and the legal issues of their properties.